terça-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2010

Old things.....my drawings

Believe or not I wanted to be a designer or professional comic drawer before I entered computer science course. This was a long time ago but I still have my drawings and decided to show them to you.

They could seem a little bit crapy to some of you but hey I'm not an artist, I never was, it's just something I did and liked very much....
This megaman X I took from a magazine cover

This Dr Mario is from his nintendo 64 game

This one is a Ragnarok girl

I don't remember where I took this one from, only know that this is from Chobit anime

I hope you all enjoy these...I have more but they are not painted....

See you next time...

terça-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2010

Don't get to close, it could be dangerous!

When you see a white egg with blue dots don't stay staring just run....

I saw this at Capinaremos