sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

More pixel Art!!!!

The guys from Contra 4 Team made this awesome Thor pixel art sheet that is usually used to make games and also this can be a preview of a possible thor game...or is just a very cool pixel art.

Like Vikings? Like Trampolines?

What happens when you put together the coolest of the warriors: Vikings with something everyone wants to try once in life: Trampolines?
I didn't know until D-Pad Studio announced Viking on Trampolines. It's a well polished pixelated game, with beautiful images and nice music at least that is what it appears to be in the following trailer: Furthermore there is a 4 players multiplayer match hell yeah!!!! And there will be different civilizations (for those of you that dislike vikings...) and a 1p campaign too....wow this will be good.

Hey D-Pad Studios launch this game soon please because we are so eager to play it....(I am and the rest of you probably are going to be too)

sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2011

How an android looks like in the inside...

This cool image shows an Android robot inside..... hey there is a hearth and a donut stash over there!!!!

Cordy - Android Game

The video below shows  Cordy, an cute 3D adventure game for Android....
I downloaded it last night and right away got addicted to its image and game play, worth the download since it is FREE, yeah F-R-E-E.

By the way Cordy is the best free game I got since I bought my Moto Defy with Android 2.1, oh and runs very well, with some lags but is ok.

Hope they think about bringing this to the iphone/ipad too....

Enjoy the video

And some images...

The games was made by Silver Tree Media and both the company and Cordy deserve our attention...

segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2011

Pixel Art

This is my first pixel art and behind is Derek Yu's tutorial. I have a lot to improve since I'm not a designer but maybe I'll try some more, what do guys think?

domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

NDS and its final jewels - Monster Tale

Everybody knows by now that nds is exchanged by Nintendo 3DS, but many of us, gamers or not, are still playing and will still gonna play even after his "official death".

The good part is that is in these times that we start to find some jewels amongst the main games and one of these is Monster Tale from Majesco/DreamRift.

The game has a simple history nothing to much refined but still holds you into it, nice colorful graphics and its gameplay is a mix of pokemon and castlevania. Why would you ask, because you play with a little girl lost in the monsters world that find a companion monster wich can evolute in different forms and both of them have a bunch of skills....

The music sometimes is repetitive but the fun factor and all those monster evolutions will make you want to play it to the end...
This jewel deserver to be in nds final play list, if you want to see more access the official website, but go directly to screenshots and video because other areas spoil good things about the game....don't say I didn't warned you all...

sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

Alice Madness Returns - This is Madness!!!!

Alice in wonderland is a history that most consider a child classic, but some years ago Eletronic Arts produced American McGee's Alice which was the first Alice adventure outside it's cute world to a darker version of the history...I'm not going to tell all the details but the thing is that EA guys are bringing us Alice Madness Returns the sequel of the previous game.

What do you think....does this alice seems much more fun than the original one? Via kotaku us