terça-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2011

Who said developers can`t draw?

When you`re indie or in short of good designers or both you start to get your drawings done yourself or by another developer or non-designer role in the team (if there is any team), but you always say ok it`s good enough this way but the truth is that the art bad, really bad...
That happens because most of us don`t improve our arts skills or at least don`t try a little bit harder.

"SpriteAttack" on 2D Game Art For Programmers from a artist try to lead us in the right tracks. Bellow are two images that I made based on his tutorials.

Before you leave this post download Inkscape, its the software used in the tutorials, is supported in Windows, Linux and Mac OS oh and is free (open source ;D)... Is very easy to use, better than gimp in my opinion and for those who are used to Illustrator, Photoshop or Paint.NET is a even easier to work tool. Put it on your dev-tool-belt right away private!

Go on now and give it a try, the worst that can happen is having some fun.

quinta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2011

First Game - Candypot! for Android

Hi everybody!

I coming here today not to put up my opinion or review a game, instead I'm here to show my first official game released: Candypot!

It's a casual jewel game, in our case candies made of fruits yummy!!!! It has lots of power up jewels, they are surprise (I won't spoil), it integrates with PlayPhone (which is our publisher), is hell of fun and it's free-to-play!!!

I worked on the Android version and we have a Facebook version too... can't confirm but I hope we can make an iOS version soon....

Hope you all enjoy it, please post as many comments as you like it I'll be glad to anwser ;D