sábado, 27 de junho de 2009

Filme que recomendo - Movie that I recommend

Que tal um pouco de ficção essa semana hein? O filme da semana está cheio de efeitos 3D e é um bom filme...


Se você é um fã de anime, pode também procurar pelas séries beast wars e beast machines e outras séries velhas e filmes dos transformers.

Espero que gostem.

How about a little of fiction this week uh? The movie of the week is full of 3D effects and is a good movie...


If you're a anime fan boy/girl you could also look for the series beast wars and beast machines and the others old series and movies of transformers.

Hope you like.

sábado, 6 de junho de 2009

The search for the right date time format

I was working at this thursday in a friend's project, at my job, and my boss asked us if there was any format of data that Oracle and SQL Server accept at their database date field.
After a little search we find nothing and tought about ask a common friend of us, that really knows a lot of DB, but he didn't remind of anything that we could use, so we decided to ask for it from the DB Admin at my job, and bingo he found something....
He discovered that variations of the form dd-MMM-yyyy should work fine in both applications, that saved us =D....
Some samples:
02-feb-98, 02-FEB-1998, 02-Feb-1998.
Why this saved us? Because it prevent us from code a lot in the project to distinct the databases and do the convert of entry data for each single database application that our application connects to, really a pain in the ass XD....
Hope this little tip could save some of mine readers too =D.


terça-feira, 2 de junho de 2009

Google it but try to Bing it too...

What if you put together too great solutions to make one before the other two had been launched?
Ok we already knows that Microsoft loves to do things almost like that, without any offense, I like Microsoft, but they get this Yahoo Alpha a new search engine from Yahoo that try to understand exactly what any of us is searching and put that on screen in a new fashion way, and this Google the number ONE search engine in the world, don't need to mention that I like Google too =D, put Live Search in the middle and generate this BING, the new Microsoft search engine.
First of everything the project codename was "Kumo" and BING is now the official name, they planned to release it tomorrow (june 3rd, 2009), but the beta is up and running so go on and test it.

All the features that they present are not there yet, see a preview bellow to understand, but it's working and what gives me creeps is that it REALLY WORKS GREAT, at least until now rs =D.
Another remarkable thing is that BING returns are a lot like Google ones, not only the links but the look too (XEROX MACHINE ¬¬)...

Oh now I want to see WHO is gonna win this fight, because the thing is getting really hot my friends, and there are no second places or they exists but the world don't see them.
Oh I was almost forgetting to tell you that BING already has win an acronym: But It's Not Google, great uh! rsrsrsrs.

Remember folks "Google it but try to Bing it too".....

WOW....Project Natal - Milo

Now this is really amazing, I was searching for something about Project Natal for Xbox360 and I discover two things from this Microsoft project.

The first is the Project called Lionhead Milo and brings to reality the dream of thounsands of us that works with tecnology, the interaction between men and machine. Man I got stunned when I saw the video bellow, I will not say anything about Milo, just click bellow and see for yourself.

Of course that there is a lot of things behind this project and I could only imagine what are the limits, the programming, research and AI (artificial intelligence) in it.

I hope that I can get there, work with that, in any way that it's possible to.
But to show all of you other interesting thing, see the video of the second thing that is Project Natal main project, just a showcase but still pretty beautiful.

Oh and before you see let me explain my thoughts, Microsoft is fighting against Nintendo with all weapons, and they decided to put an X in this fight(ha bad joke :P), they are developing a new gadget to plug into your Xbox360 and read a persons body, including movements and facial recognition to reflect directly, YES DIRECTLY, in games. Imagine that you're playing some tennis game, in Wii (that I still love very much) you use your wiimote to swing and hit the ball, in Xbox360 with Project Natal you only need to swing your hand in the desired direction, WOW really amazing don't ya think?

That is the X for Microsoft to hit Nintendo where it hurts, I hope that Nintendo survives, because I like both. But it seems that Microsoft will have the graphics and the interaction with this project, please Nintendo do something too.
Now to the video =D

Hope you all enjoy it, I really did...