terça-feira, 2 de junho de 2009

WOW....Project Natal - Milo

Now this is really amazing, I was searching for something about Project Natal for Xbox360 and I discover two things from this Microsoft project.

The first is the Project called Lionhead Milo and brings to reality the dream of thounsands of us that works with tecnology, the interaction between men and machine. Man I got stunned when I saw the video bellow, I will not say anything about Milo, just click bellow and see for yourself.

Of course that there is a lot of things behind this project and I could only imagine what are the limits, the programming, research and AI (artificial intelligence) in it.

I hope that I can get there, work with that, in any way that it's possible to.
But to show all of you other interesting thing, see the video of the second thing that is Project Natal main project, just a showcase but still pretty beautiful.

Oh and before you see let me explain my thoughts, Microsoft is fighting against Nintendo with all weapons, and they decided to put an X in this fight(ha bad joke :P), they are developing a new gadget to plug into your Xbox360 and read a persons body, including movements and facial recognition to reflect directly, YES DIRECTLY, in games. Imagine that you're playing some tennis game, in Wii (that I still love very much) you use your wiimote to swing and hit the ball, in Xbox360 with Project Natal you only need to swing your hand in the desired direction, WOW really amazing don't ya think?

That is the X for Microsoft to hit Nintendo where it hurts, I hope that Nintendo survives, because I like both. But it seems that Microsoft will have the graphics and the interaction with this project, please Nintendo do something too.
Now to the video =D

Hope you all enjoy it, I really did...


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