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C project - English

I was away for a long time just because my semester project at the university. I did my project in C, so i decided to put it as free code in the internet.
My project its a archive system simulator, in wich we can create the folders structure one by one with our own hands to observe just how the graph works or insert a pré-execution parameter to map a portion of our real system in the graph, the system must be Linux.
Why it must be Linux? Because I didn't have time to modify my parsing, 'cause the bar in Linux is / in and \ in Windows, in this case my professor asked us only to execute the project in Linux and not to worry about Windows, so I didn't worried about this matter before finishing it.
In the project I must create a shell (main method in my code) that receive commands to execute calls to my other methods and in these are the actions to be performed, all this depends on the command.
The actions implemented are:
  • Open directory;
  • Remove one directory e all its sub-directories and its files;
  • Remove files;
  • Print the file content in the screen, that doesn't necessarily means the execution of the file, just print what is inside of it.
  • List the directory content;
  • Link to a directory, almost like link in Linux;
  • When linked there must be two options: to list the linked directory content or open it;
  • Implement Depth-first search.

I implemented graph in my struct, this was a request from the professor.

Any question or sugestion? Send me an email:
Before using the code read the GPL License, I put an gpl.txt on my .7z and .zip.
Download it from:

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