quinta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2009

Change Vista/Win7 ShadowStorage Size

So you brought a new hard disk of 1 terabyte and it's size is decreasing every day? What the hell is happing?
Ok just calm down, first this only appears to happen in Win Vista, second it's easy to solve =D.

Open the command prompt as administrator and execute the following command:

vssadmin Resize ShadowStorage /On=%windowsdrive%: /For=%windowsdrive%: /MaxSize=%wantedsize%

Where %windowsdrive% is your's windows location, like C or D or any names that you gave to your hard disk, %wantedsize% is the size that windows will use as recovery space, like 5GB, 500MB, or your desired space size.

If you wish you could use another location instead of %windowsdrive% but remember to put a maxsize in it ok?

Oh and this command let's you see how much space is used for recovey in all hard disks:
vssadmin List ShadowStorage

This works in Windows 7 too =D, in Win XP you already have an interface for that so this is kind of useless. Windows 7 doesn't have problems of huge default recovery space but I can't find the interface, if exists, anywhere so it's usefull here.

This is all for now, hughs and see you next time!

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