domingo, 21 de novembro de 2010

What is RockMelt?

The short answser: a social integrated browser. Kinda complicated? In fact is easier than  people think.

I got an invite to RockMelt and before downloading it my thought was: "Just another browser....." but when I opened it I found much more than a browser.

First it is based on Chromium ( the Google Chrome Open Source Project ), to me this means a lot because is light for the computer and pretty clean. And besides that I'm a developer, so we (devs) can get in the project and see it inside or even help.

Second, it's integrated with facebook and with everything that have an rss feeder. The facebook integration is perceived when you try to open RockMelt as it asks your account, after that it shows your logged friends on the left and if you click then you use facebook IM feature, for me that is DAMN COOL!!!!!
 On the right twitter and your facebook account are added by default, but is here that you can add your favorite rss feed, another DAMN COOL feature.

The third and last thing I want to talk about is the Share button, this nice button between the address field and the search field adds the possibility of spreading anything you're seeing to your other social media connected to RockMelt, in its case facebook and twitter as far as I know.

RockMelt got other nice features but I didn't get deep enough to talk about them.

Now back to the question "What is RockMelt?" we can re-write the answser "It is a damn cool amazing best browser with social media integrated in it, where I can share things with my friends and get my reading feeds faster"

Maybe I'm overating or just maybe it's going to rock the house.  Oh and just to remember that it requires invitation to download, but that is not a problem, ask in facebook/twitter or access RockMelt

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