sábado, 12 de março de 2011

Lua engines for games development

Today I just started my post graduation (please tell me which is the correct term in english for a specialists after the graduation course that is not a master degree =D) and I saw one really good 3D engine with lua: Shiva from StoneTrip Oh the free version has lots of features almost all of the pay features are in the free version too, for lone wolves or small start up teams seems to be a good option. Then I remembered Love, another engine but a 2D, a good one =D also written in Lua. I know that this turn I'm not posting how to use them but at least is a start to know what is out there in the world for programming good games =D. Oh and just to a small note Lua is a brazilian programming language and I'm happy to say that is better than some crappy things we see out there =D

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