quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2011

Apps for iOS - Jetpack Joyride

We are used to lots of apps every month but some times one or another really does all that "OMG THAT`S AWESOME!" and Jetpack Joyride from @halfbrick is exactly that kind of app. Congrats @halfbrick team, this is a great and inspiring job for us devs and gamers.

It`s as simple as a running game with a cool machine, rainbow, shark and other jetpacks, some machine to ride and lots of awesomeness. The game is very beautiful, his background goes fast backwards in parallax movement (different speed for each background layer) while you go forward flying or riding a hot machine. The characters have expressions in their movements, even being a little small, and the animations are smooth.

Its very easy to play, your only command is up and down holding or releasing the touch screen, if you catch a ride a nice machine will appear and touching transforms in the machine command. Besides the music and the sound effects are nice too, sometimes the music starts to repeat to much but you never get  tired of it since you probably will have breaks between one play round and another.

Oh and there is all those kick ass itens like dynamites, head starts, golden machines, new cloths and new jetpacks, and more. And if you get a special x coin you can spin the machine to get a prize after you die, sometimes you can revive others you`ll simply explode with bombs and get shot a little further in the level.

The screen video bellow show a friend o`mine playing on its ipod touch and the other video is the official trailer. The last message I have to give you all, if you play this you won`t stop playing....don`t say I didn`t warned you.

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