domingo, 9 de janeiro de 2011

CES 2011 - Technology Rocking the House

I was looking for CES news at CNET,Engadget and Gizmodo US and found lots of interesting things, but specially I wanted to show here two of them. This awesome robot from DreamBots that does massage on us and his name is WheeMee.
The other one is the list with CES best tablets until the moment by Gizmodo. I'm not copying all the info from there but I can say that my choices are Xoom and PlayBook, yeah they are both the top ones in the list but they are really good candidates to be the ones to compete with IPad. Xoom by Motorola
Playbook by BlackBerry
Doesn't matter if you're liking or hating CES we have all to agree that technology industry have really good surprises for 2011. Let them come!!!!

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