quinta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2011

Welcome to Windows JRuby!!!! Painless Ruby in Windows????

I read an interesting and funny post about JRuby on Windows and an appeal to Ruby community to make nicer to develop Ruby programs in Windows.

The best thing about this post is the fact that he was originated from a member of the community, Engine Yard. Why this is so nice? I guess its because we devs should worry about creating a program in Ruby not in buying the best hardware to program into it.

I really hope that Ruby grows in such way that Windows market share turns a natural part of its actual market share. The painless part about Ruby, in this case JRuby, in Windows is not needing any pre-reqs installed, just run JRuby installer and go rocking the world creating Rails applications or Ruby GUI applications immediately, awesome isn't it?

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