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I want to use Lua....but what about the IDE?

I think that the title said it all, you look to Lua as a good language to create whatever you're planning to, but then you face a neat problem: The IDE.
This post is dedicated to Lua devs and game devs, specially those that decided to use Corona SDK as an application platform (more game SDK than app SDK).

The steps to follow are:

  1. Download and install IntelliJ Community Edition or pay for other versions (is not really necessary if you don't really need) from here
  2. Download Lua plugin for IntelliJ here
  3. Now unzip Lua plugin and copy IDLua folder to intelliJ's plugin folder in a path like this C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 10.5\plugins (is very likely that your folder path is another one)
  4. Open IntelliJ and access Settings in the file menu or type Ctrl+Alt+S. In IDE Settings section you'll see the Plugins area, click it and check if Lua is listed on the right panel. If isn't appearing there try to install trough available list or follow this tutorial
  5. Hey its done!!! When you start project creation you'll see Lua option in the list...
Now for Corona SDK
  1. Download the Corona SDK for IntelliJ here
  2. Unzip the package into a fixed place, this means that this folder (Corona SDK for IntelliJ) must remain there as long as you're using it with the IDE
  3. After creating the project you will work into select project's root and type F4 to access project structure.
  4. Here click in SDKs in Platform Settings section and in Lua sdk add a new Classpath, in this case the path to your Corona SDK fixed folder.
  5. Ready to rumble!!! Now you have intellisense for Corona code and the documentation (type ctrl+q to access it)
Note: You must add SDK's and API's in every project you need them.

If you have any problems adding sdk's and api's follow the tutorials bellow or email me: vitor dot navarro87 at gmail dot com 

5 comentários:

NerdBoy disse...

Thank you very much, this was very helpfull, and worked perfect!

NerdBoy disse...

Thank you very much!
This helped alot, and worked just perfect!

Vitor Navarro disse...

Thanks for sharing your feelings NerdBoy, let me know if you made or have any improvements to my post.

McLero disse...

hola! hablas español? well if not i can explain it in english but i have a problem :/

i made a game by corona and i used lua code, ok? but i finished my game and i dont know how to upload it to my mobile ... i have the files and i dont know how to finish the game, i know i have to click to build for android but it says me i need somthing like jdk 32 bytes or somthing like this , can u help me?

vitor navarro disse...

Hi McLero, how you`re doing?

My spanish is not that good anymore, too much time without using it sorry.

It should not ask you for jdk, but if thats the case just grab one from here
Pick Java SE 6 and for a smaller installation stick with JRE ok?

Did you got the latest possible build from Corona site?

Also try following their tutorial for building .apks

If you got stuck on anything get back here and leave another comment.