domingo, 8 de maio de 2011

Quick Tips - IOS Dev - Documentation Shortcut

This tip was given me by @marcolindoso, one of my co-workers and friend at Parsec Digital.

Most of the times Apple documentation is very useful but we have to copy the code and go to google or the Apple site, so instead of doing this we can use xcode sdk docs. Ok nice idea but the shortcut its too dificult to remember or even to guess if you don't look for it in preferences.

So let's change this:
With XCode opened enter in Preferences (Type: command + ,)
Open key bindings and type "Documentation" in the search field, now you gonna see a list and in that list is the key binding "Search Documentation for Selected Text", select it and type enter
When the key binding open for editing input command + D

Done, now you have easy to remember shortcut for documentation access, to use it put your cursor over any piece of apple documented code and use the shortcut.

Happy coding....

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