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Using mercurial and bitbucket for projects

People tend to look for alternatives to SVN, MS Team Foundation Server, Git and others.

One option is a combo of mercurial and bitbucket. 
Why mercurial? Because is similar to git, is easy to use even in terminal and works in linux, mac and windows. Why BitBucket? Because its free source code hosting that works with mercurial, accept up to 5 members, has no limits of private and public repositories and no limit to its size.

What do you need on windows?
Install Mercurial (If you`re going to install Tortoise HG you don`t need to download Mercurial and THG alone, there is a package with both at mercurial`s page)
Install  TortoiseHG
Have any doubts on how to use? Access this manual

What do you need on macosx?
Install Developer Tools (If you already have xcode don`t bother about this item)
Install Mercurial
Install MacHG
If you want another diff/merge application try DiffMerge

I didn`t have used it on linux yet but it shouldn`t be too dificult, if you did it please let me know so I can update this post, thanks.

What do you need to do on BitBucket?
Set up your account
Insert an ssh key, there is a excelente post at github that show how to do this -> GitHub Help

Any doubts? Send it to me or use stackoverflow!!

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